The main goal of the Araucaria Project is to improve the calibration of the cosmic distance scale in the local Universe. We are tracing down the environmental dependencies of the various standard candles by comparing their distances obtained with different methods.

Our recent results:

  • The surface brightness-colour relations based on eclipsing binary stars and calibrated with Gaia EDR3 — paper
  • A numerous population of double-lined binary Cepheids — paper
  • Metallicities and ages for 35 star clusters and their surrounding fields in the Small Magellanic Cloud — paper
  • Deep near-infrared photometric maps of Carina, Fornax, and Sculptor — paper — photometric maps
  • Empirical calibration of the reddening maps in the Magellanic Cloudspaperextinction maps
  • Period-luminosity relation for classical Cepheids in the Milky Way from Gaia parallaxes — paper
  • Surface brightness-color relation calibrated with interferometry — paper
  • Spectral analysis and stellar parameters of detached O-type systems — paper I, paper II
  • Distance determination to the SMC with an accuracy better than 2% — paper
  • Orbital parallax and masses of eclipsing binaries — paper

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