Near-infrared photometric maps

We present a collection of deep near-infrared photometric maps of galaxies in the Local Group. Maps have been collected during 20+ years of Araucaria Project, and parts of them were presented a number of scientific papers. For the first time, we share the entire collection.

The data file is prepared to be read using python pandas, e.g.

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_fwf("Carina.db",dtype={"JD_J": str,"JD_K": str})

If you find our photometric maps useful, please acknowledge our work and cite: P. Karczmarek et al., The Araucaria Project: Deep near-infrared photometric maps of the Local Group Galaxies. I. Carina, Fornax, Sculptor, (2021, in prep.)

We welcome comments and suggestions: pkarczmarek AT

I. Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies

Target Information Data (size) Completeness
Carina Carina_info.txt Carina.db (3 MB) Carina_compl.txt
Fornax Fornax_info.txt Fornax.db (18 MB) Fornax_compl.txt
Sculptor Sculptor_info.txt Sculptor.db (0.3 MB) Sculptor_compl.txt

If you would like to use reference images (FITS files), contact pkarczmarek AT

II. Local Group Galaxies

Photometric maps in preparation. Expected release date: Feb 1, 2022.

III. Magellanic Clouds

Photometric maps in preparation. Expected release date: Feb 1, 2023.