BESO instrument Description

The BESO instrument used to be connected to the 1.5-m Hexapod Telescope via two glass fibres, and later to IRIS telescope. Now it is connected to jk15. The spectrograph is temperature-stabilized and vibration-damped. The temperature stabilization is achieved by the air-water cooler (links to advanced documentation below).

The past observation programs included several long-term projects, such as Galactic O-Stars, from the Galactic O Star Catalog (GOS) Galactic B-Stars, from the HIPPARCOS catalog (V<8 mag), recurring observations of various spectroscopically variable young stars. Most of these programs were supplemented by simultaneous optical recordings with the Vysos 6 telescopes. An automatic data reduction pipeline based on MIDAS was available to the observer at the observatory.

Technical specification

  • Wavelength range = 3700–8600 Å
  • Resolution λ/Δλ = 48000
  • Radial velocity resolution < 50 m/s
  • CCD size = 4096 x 2048 px

Advanced documentation for BESO and BESO’s air-water cooler